Reiki TUMMO™, Open Heart, and YOGA

How are All of these related?

As described in the section of Spiritual Journey and Attaining YOGA,  the true spiritual goal of Yoga can only be achieved when we surrender totally to True Source from our open heart, to let True Source's Love and Light bring us HOME, because ONLY True Source's Love and Light that can help us return HOME. To surrender totally we need to have our heart open completely to True Source and True Source's Love and Light, because true surrendering can only be done from an open heart. To have our heart open completely, we need to cleanse everything within our heart and around our heart which are negativities within our body layers. For cleansing purposes, the best and fastest results can be achieved if we rely on True Source's Love and Light and Kundalini energy that work in synergy as explained here. That is the reason why we start by having Reiki TUMMO™ attunement and Kundalini awakening as the preparation steps to help our heart to open. The same results can also be achieved through the Open Heart Workshops path.

How Padmacahaya System Helps to Accomplish Your True Spiritual Journey

Upon completing Reiki TUMMO™ workshops or Open Heart Workshops, the participants will have their sushumna and all major chakras open and Kundalini awakened and working continuously. Both Kundalini and Divine energies are flowing and working in synergy to give you better and faster results. The flow of Divine energy will also cleanse your heart at the same time, ease the opening of your heart and also strengthening your connection to True Source. As the cleansing is done simultaneously on all chakras by two of the most powerful energies, you can expect to have the full cleansing done within years. This helps your heart to open faster and stronger thus your Inner Heart also becomes more active and stronger faster.

The open heart process will be improved further during the Inner Heart workshop where the practitioner will also receive Inner Heart activation, a process that will help the practitioner’s Inner Heart to start working, to guide the practitioner to know the real truth and to activate his/her conscience. With an active Inner Heart, a practitioner can use his Inner Heart to choose to do something that only brings him closer to True Source as this is the nature of Inner Heart.

With regard to Kundalini processes, this means that the core of your Kundalini can reach your crown chakra within only a few years. And we are not simply saying it. As you know, we are sharing with you how to be able to use your Inner Heart, the all-knowing part of you. As you will be able to use your Inner Heart within months of the initial learning, you will be able to monitor your Kundalini with your Inner Heart and discover all you need to know for your spiritual growth with your Inner Heart. The ability to use the Inner Heart is a luxury for every spiritual practitioner. Indeed, for us the Inner Heart is a must for spiritual growth. Without being able to use your Inner Heart, you may be doing things according to concepts or ideas, but they may not be the real truth. The real truth is known only by your Inner Heart.

Every time you do your daily practice, the cleansing process by Divine energy and Kundalini energy will happen automatically. The synchronized and combined cleansing process by Divine energy and Kundalini energy will cleanse negative energy, negative karma and blockages in every body layer, in every chakra and energy channel. This is the fastest cleansing process one can ever have. This cleansing process will also help to remove many blockages that prevent your heart from opening.

The cleansing processes performed by Divine energy and Kundalini energy will also increase the energy body's vibration. This means a practitioner's awareness or consciousness will also advance. Through the method of Consciousness shifting, an advance regression technique without hypnosis, a practitioner will be guided to attain soul level of consciousness where he can re-experience his past lives, to learn many weakness from past live spiritual lessons and help him remove many blockages from past live trauma.

When the practitioner is ready, he can proceed to attain his true level of consciousness, spirit consciousness. Here a practitioner can be fully conscious as his higher self at any time he wants to be. And guided by his Inner Heart, a practitioner can learn the true way to go beyond the human realm, to know the true way home, to return to Divine Source. As humans we should support and help our spirit to learn correctly. Attaining spirit consciousness is a golden opportunity for humans to help the spirit learn correctly and faster. In Reiki Tummo system, all processes, from Reiki Tummo Level 1 attunement up to attaining true self or spirit consciousness, can be done in less than one year, a very quick yet effective and blissful spiritual progress one can ever have through the blessing of Divine Source.

To accomplish the spiritual journey of the spirit, the Master Yoga program is introduced. Here the lessons are for the true self or spirit. The participant will be guided to learn and master all the lessons for the spirit up to the highest lesson, to return and unite with the Source. With spirit or true self consciousness, the practitioner will understand and realize more advanced lessons by himself. It is the true way of learning spirituality by means of true-self consciousness.