How is Reiki TUMMO™ different?

Specialties of Reiki TUMMO™

• Connects you to the Heart:
Being connected to the Heart is very important. Only by being connected to your Heart can you start the real spiritual journey, as the real spiritual journey is about the journey of your True Self within your Heart. Being in the Heart is also very important to be able to receive the blessing from the True Source and to reach higher understanding and realizations, as the brain is limited. The truth is only known by the Inner Heart.

• Connects you to Divine energy better:
Reiki TUMMO™ attunements give you better and bigger connection to Divine energy. Being connected to Divine energy better is something very special. The more you learn, the more you will know that Divine energy is part of Divine Love, the mightiest power of all. As you are connected and able to receive the Divine energy, which is the blessing from Divine Source, you will gain unlimited benefits for your health, life, relationships and spiritual growth.

• Connects you to the earth core energy:
Every level attunement of Reiki TUMMO™ improve your connection to the Earth core energy. Being connected to the earth core energy will help balance you in your daily life while you grow spiritually. Without this connection, you will not be grounded as you progress spiritually. In addition, connection to the Earth core energy will help your Kundalini grow very fast because the Earth core energy is actually the source of TUMMO energy.

• Removes all of the knots of your chakras in your sushumna:
Every big chakra that is located along the sushumna has knots in the sushumna. So, not only do the 7 chakras have these knots, but the other big chakras such as the forehead, solar plexus, etc, also have these knots. The knots block the energy flow along the sushumna and also limit the energy flow between the sushumna and these chakras. As the knots are removed, there is less blockage within your sushumna and the energy can flow easily between your sushumna and the big chakras. The latter is very important for cleansing and development of your chakras. It is also crucial for your spiritual growth. If you are familiar with conventional techniques for cleansing chakras and the sushumna, you may know that removing the knot of a chakra the conventional way may require many years of dedicated practices. You also have to remove the knots of the chakras in sequence, one by one, so the whole process would take decades.


• Opens the whole sushumna:
Since level 1 of its attunement, Reiki TUMMO™ open the whole sushumna thoroughly. As the whole sushumna opens, energy flows easily along your sushumna. Both the Universal energy and the Kundalini energy can flow on and through all of your chakras, body layers, energy channels etc. to do a simultaneous cleansing.

• Prepares and awakens your Kundalini instantly and safely:
Reiki TUMMO™ attunement level 1 consists of the necessary preparation for your Kundalini awakening, even if you have not done any energy work in the past. When you receive the 2nd level attunement, your Kundalini is awakened instantly and safely. This is something that normally takes many years of dedicated practice to achieve.

• Cleanse your whole body systems from both directions thoroughly automatically:
Other Reiki traditions give cleansing benefit for their practitioners from 1 direction only: top down. On the other hand, after Level 2 attunement, Reiki TUMMO™ cleanse its practitioners from both directions thoroughly and automatically: top down (by Reiki energy) and bottom up (by Kundalini energy) thus giving the practitioner the fastest and the best cleansing processes to help with the opening of the spiritual heart and spiritual growth. Please see the illustration of the combined and synchronized cleansing by Reiki and Kundalini energy.

Benefits of Reiki TUMMO™

Reiki TUMMO™ places a special emphasis on working and opening the Heart and the Inner Heart. This leads one to a deep and true place of knowing, being, living and loving that is difficult to believe. It is almost unheard of to go through a spiritual growth of this magnitude in such a short time. Yet it is true and has been validated by the repeated experiences of many around the world. Through a series of carefully thought out steps and courses, Reiki TUMMO™ prepares the foundations to support your continuing spiritual growth and development.

Padmacahaya builds a foundation that develops your connection-realization with your soul, spirit and The True Source in order to attain enlightenment and finally reach Yoga.

Everything that is taught in Usui Reiki is taught in Reiki TUMMO™, but not vice versa. Therefore, Reiki TUMMO™ has all of the benefits of Usui or other Usui-based Reiki systems. In addition, Reiki TUMMO™ also provides other benefits that may not be inherent in other traditions. When you practice regularly, Reiki TUMMO™ can give you the following benefits:

  • Establishing a better connection to True Source.
  • Enabling you to be connected and to be within your heart to let the blessing of True Source work on you and through you.
  • Giving you a better understanding about the heart, True Source and the blessing of True Source.
  • Enhancing intuition and elevating spiritual awareness.
  • Enhancing the quality of your meditation.
  • Balancing and amplifying subtle energies.
  • Cleansing the energy body, chakras and energy channels.
  • Awakening the Kundalini and assisting the cleansing and purifying process of the Kundalini.
  • Increasing the quantity and quality of your energy.
  • Improving energy protection around you, others and material properties.
  • Enhancing other energy works (other Reiki systems, Tai-Chi, inner power, etc.)
  • Improving and maintaining health.
  • Enhancing physical, emotional and mental healing.
  • Enhancing relaxation.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Improving quality of sleep.
  • Improving skin complexion and delaying the aging process.
  • Improving the immune system.
  • Aiding the breaking of addictions to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other substances.

Advantages of Reiki TUMMO™

With regards to similar healing modalities and spiritual techniques, Reiki TUMMO™ offers the following advantages:

  • Easy and fast to learn.
  • Easy to practice.
  • Only three levels.
  • Channeling/Healing is easy and simple (simply by laying your hands and no diagnoses)
  • Channeling/Healing is safe (there is no negative energy contamination).
  • Energy can be combined/synchronized  in group healing for better results.
  • Reiki TUMMO™ energy is highly intelligent. It spreads and stops automatically, no risk of over energized--very safe for sensitive organs and babies.
  • Instant opening of the whole sushumna.
  • Instant opening of the crown chakra.
  • Instant and safe Kundalini awakening.
  • Better connection to the heart.
  • Tool for understanding spiritual lessons in daily life.
  • Strengthening your heart every time you channel Reiki TUMMO™ energy (giving more peace, calmness and joy in every day life).
  • Improving the quality and quantity of your energy as well as your kundalini energy every time you channel Reiki TUMMO™ energy.
  • Cleansing your energy bodies, chakras and energy channels every time you channel Reiki TUMMO™ energy.

Divine Energy in Reiki TUMMO™

In general, there are two reasons why the universal energy in Reiki TUMMO™ is often referred to as Divine energy. They are:

  1. Because the energy flows in through your crown chakra. Spiritually speaking the crown chakra is the gate for spiritual blessing to be able to flow into your body-only divine blessing can flow in through your crown chakra.
  2. If other energies can be used for good or for negative purposes depending on the practitioner, the energy in Reiki TUMMO™ can not be used for anything negative. The energy will always do something positive although the intention of the practitioner may be negative.

Once you are able to use your Inner Heart, the all-knowing part of you, you will be able to clearly distinguish the difference between Reiki TUMMO™ energy and other energies. You will be able to recognize that the energy in Reiki TUMMO™ is the blessing from the Divine Source, part of Divine Love and Light of True Source, The Creator. There is no way you can use Reiki TUMMO™ energy to harm others as Divine Love never harms any beings. The key for that is simply relax, smile and surrender to let the Reiki TUMMO™ energy flow and do the work. You are not the doer, you are not the healer, you are the Divine channel of Love and Light. However, the moment you try to do some efforts, you are not surrendering any longer, you may end up channeling other energy but not Reiki TUMMO™ energy.

You may have heard that the heart is the most special part of you. No being can manipulate your heart. You are the one that can make your heart soiled, while only the blessing from Divine Source can cleanse it. You can cleanse your heart chakra with a technique or an energy, but not the heart itself. When you use your Inner Heart you can channel Reiki TUMMO™ energy toward your heart and you can recognize how the Reiki TUMMO™ energy actually cleanses, opens and strengthens your heart. Your Inner Heart likes Reiki TUMMO™ energy so much.