Our Connection

Between our heart and True Source, there is a beautiful Love connection. This is a very important connection that we need to improve continuously to get the full benefit of True Source's Love and Light from flowing through it. This divine connection defines how good our relationship with our Beloved True Source is, how close we are to our final destination, True Source. The quality (how clean) and quantity (how big) of this Love connection depends on how open our heart is for True Source and True Source's Love and Light.

In the same way we must use our eyes to see and our hands to touch--not just intending to or thinking about seeing or touching--our heart must actually be used to strengthen our connection to True Source. Yet because our relationship with True Source is obviously not a physical matter but a spiritual one, it's clear that we wouldn't use a physical organ to grow closer to True Source. Again, this is what the heart, the key to our connection, is for. And while the spiritual heart is non-physical, it isn't difficult at all to use; you will see this after opening your heart for some time.

Through this wonderful connection, through our heart,  our whole being continuously receives Divine Blessing of Love and Light from True Source. This Blessing of Love and Light is the source of joy, happiness, calmness, health, wealth and all good things in our life. Through this Love connection, we are being loved and taken cared for by True Source every moment.

However, to get the full benefit from this wonderful connection, we need to be connected better to our heart and open our heart to True Source's Love and Light. Babies start smiling as newborns simply because they can still easily feel the true happiness from their heart. Why is it easier for them to be happy? Because their connection to their heart is still very strong. They feel the joy of Love and Light from their heart most of the time. Once babies grow older, their brains start getting stronger and with more negative emotions happening from time to time, their connection to their hearts get blocked more and more. Their hearts start closing more and more, unless something is done to maintain the opening and the connection to the heart. As we experience, when we grow older we tend to lose our joyful smile because our connection to our heart is getting weaker and our heart getting closed more and more due to negative emotions we experience from day to day.

Babies smile naturally because their connection to their heart is still strong so they can feel the joy of Love and Light from their heart most of the time.

Heart Connections and Open Heart

To help you improve these important connections: connection to your heart and connection between your heart and True Source, and to help you open your heart better and bigger to Divine Love and Light, PADMACAHAYA International Institute for Inner Study has developed a systematic Yoga Curriculum. This Yoga Curriculum is a well designed program to help you progress step by step in opening and improving your heart connection to True Source. Every program has its unique attunement and exercises that effectively open your heart and improve your heart connection to True Source. With better heart connection, your heart will receive more of the flow of Love and Light from True Source better and easier thus opening and cleansing your heart better and better. With more Divine Love and Light present in your heart, you will experience more joy, calmness and peacefulness in your daily life.