Why Our Heart?

Heart is the Key

If we look at the motivations behind our thoughts and actions—conscious and unconscious—they are all to get us closer to the feeling, or at least the idea, of happiness. 

Yet in spite of our worldly success and social relationships, we sometimes feel lonely, empty, as if something is missing. Even when we experience happiness, it tends to be more of a brief touch than a lasting embrace. We seem to slip back to a lower plane, a place of wanting, again and again.

Some of us have long asked why we cannot hold on to happiness.  For all of the scholarship and human insights across the centuries, nobody has found a complete and enduring answer.  Perhaps because it has been too close to see… 

The answer, the key, is our heart. Not the physical heart that beats in our chest, but our spiritual heart: the key connection to True Source, the Source of peace, calmness, and joy.

In opening and using our heart, we are blessed with lasting peace and happiness that we can feel—actually and really feel—in our daily lives.  Our daily life is actually a manifestation of how strongly we are connected to our Beloved Creator, the True Source.  Thus, an open heart is also the real key to our spiritual advancement in getting closer to True Source, the Source of Eternal Peace and True Joy.

Why is our heart the main connection to True Source?  Why is our heart the center of happy and beautiful feelings?  Why is our heart, not our brain or other parts of us, the key?

Our heart is the key because our true self or spirit is within our heart.  The Creator, True Source, is a Spirit, and therefore our true self is also a spirit -- a spark of True Source. Our heart is a special facility provided so that there is always a beautiful connection between True Source and all true selves.

Our Heart is the Center of Peace, Calmness, and True Love

When we open our heart, we recognize and realize the presence of True Source's Blessings. We can feel -- really and actually feel -- so many beautiful things within our heart, including lightness, calmness, peace, happiness, and joy beyond all things we have ever  felt from our worldly experiences.

Moments when we are enjoying the feeling from our own heart are moments we are actually using our heart, letting True Source's Blessing work better on our whole heart and our whole self. Every moment we spend within the Blessings within our heart brings us closer to True Source -- to the eternal beauty and joy that our heart already knows, and that our brain has been seeking.

Our Heart Knows the Truth

For ages it has been said we should follow our heart, that our heart knows the truth. Why? This is because our true self, the spark of True Source, within our heart has its own consciousness. This consciousness is much higher than our brain consciousness, and it knows the real truth -- what is best for us and for others.

As soon as we use our heart properly, we can realize truths from our own heart, which are better than "truths" from our limited brain. Oftentimes, these aren't truths at all, but what we later find are mistakes based on limited or false information, misjudgments, or poor reasoning. 

Do Not be Afraid to Open Your Heart

While the brain is easily influenced by its surrounding our heart cannot be manipulated by anyone else. The truths from our heart are just that: truths untouched and untouchable by circumstance, persuasion, ego, or any other outside force.

Rather, we and True Source are the only ones who can affect our heart; no  other being has the power to make our heart dirty except ourselves. Thus, when we feel hurt, angry, sad, or experience any other negative emotions, we must remind ourselves that it isn't really our colleagues, friends, family, or adverse life events causing these emotions within us. It's actually us following the negativity, allowing it to make our heart dirty.

In cleansing and opening our heart, however, it's not enough to rely on our own effort. Just as we're vulnerable to outside forces, we also lack of the internal strength to rid our selves completely of this negative energy. The best way -- the most beautiful and joyful way -- to cleanse and open our heart is to ask True Source for blessings. In every one of Padmacahaya Yoga Curriculum program, you will practice to open and cleanse your heart by relying onto True Source's Blessings of Love and Light.