Higher Consciousness

Three Levels of Consciousness

Spiritually speaking, a human has at least 3 levels of consciousness:

  1. Physical Consciousness with the brain as the center
  2. Soul Consciousness with the Soul as the center (located between our eyebrows)
  3. Spirit or True Self Consciousness with the Spirit or True Self as the center (located within our spiritual heart). This consciousness is also known as Super or Supra Consciousness or Atman.

The picture below depicts the relationship between these 3 levels of consciousness when we are alive as a human. For general understanding, the heart, the spirit and the Inner Heart are considered the same and referred as Heart, as the spirit (true self) is within our heart. Please note that in Padmacahaya, soul and spirit may have a different definition than what you already know. We define spirit as true self, not soul, because our true self is a spark of the Creator, True Source which is the greatest spirit or known as Paramatman (The Greatest Atman) in Hindu philosophy.

Three Levels of Consciousness

From the illustration we can see that within our human body is a soul and within the soul is our heart or spirit. The soul cannot exist without the spirit. In the illustration you can also see that the core of our heart is our Inner Heart, the innermost part of our heart, the only part of us that knows the real truth. Our spirit cannot exist without our Inner Heart.

When we are alive as a human, our physical consciousness or our brain is the outer layer of consciousness that envelopes our other levels of consciousness. Even though our inner consciousness (soul and spirit) know what is happening, only our physical consciousness can interact with our environment. Our higher consciousness (soul and spirit) that is located inside has no chance to interact directly with the environment, except when we follow an idea or desire from our higher levels of consciousness with our brain.

As soon as our physical human body stops working, the center of our physical consciousness is gone. Our soul consciousness, with the heart and the spirit inside, becomes the outer layer that interacts directly with the environment. This soul consciousness is also known as the intermediate consciousness to interface between our human and our spirit consciousness in order for our spirit to be able to use our temporary human body to learn on Earth as a human being.

Our Consciousness and Heart Connection

Given that our heart is so important, it does not mean that our other levels of consciousness is not important. Our physical consciousness with our human brain as the center is also a wonderful facility, a part of the spiritual tools given by True Source so that we can learn through experience, as our spiritual lessons here on Earth to help us to remember about and choose True Source. But of course it is the special tool, the heart, which has been provided for us to truly improve our connection.

In fact, when our brain chooses True Source, but we also properly use the special facility that has been given to us--our heart--to connect to True Source, True Source's Love can help our spirit directly with everything that is needed. This is part of the beautiful gift of the human body.

True Self within The Heart - The Real You

“Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Where am I headed?” are questions that confront us with the very fact of our existence and the meaning of our life. To answer those important questions, we need to realize who we really are. Are we a temporary physical human body or soul or spirit? Who is our true self? Which one existed first?

Most of us consider our true self as this temporary human body. If we perceive our true self as this temporary human body,  it is very easy to understand why we have so many worries about this temporary human body that for sure will get sick, older and die one day. It is just a matter of time. On the contrary, if we start to realize that our true self is not this temporary human body, but something eternal and divine, that cannot die and has a beautiful purpose to exist, then there is no reason to worry about so many things as most of humans do. Yes, our true self is not this temporary physical body, but the heart which has been given this temporary human body by our Beloved Creator, as a beautiful spiritual tool or facility so that we can do our spiritual journey as a human being to help our true self to return HOME. Everything we experience in our daily life is simply an opportunity and a facility to help our true self to attain that final goal of our existence.

A long time ago, before we had a human body, we were created as a heart by True Source, i.e. we were given our heart before we were given a human body. In fact our human body and our soul were created by True Source later on as beautiful facilities to help our heart, our true self to learn to return HOME. As we came from The Source of Divine Love, we are meant to be happy as The Love is the source of true joy and happiness If we don’t realize who we really are we will move away from the true joy and happiness. To start realizing who we really are, the first step is always to open our heart to Divine Love and Light of our Beloved Creator, True Source, The Source of our true self. Only Divine Love and Light from our Beloved Creator that is received through our heart can help us to realize who we really are. Learning to open our heart will then become the learning about our true self, which in turn, helps us to realize who we really are. You are welcome to read the wonderful book by Irmansyah Effendi, MSc. The Real You: Beyond Forms and Lives for deeper understanding on this subject.

Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Growth

As a human being we grow from being a baby to becoming an adult and similarly as a spiritual being, we need to grow. From a spiritual consciousness point of view, growing spiritually also means our consciousness grows beyond our daily physical human consciousness.  Our soul and true self or spirit consciousness are considered as our higher consciousness because vibration wise, they are higher than our human daily physical consciousness. Technically speaking, our spirit or true self consciousness energy vibration is higher than soul consciousness energy vibration and soul consciousness energy vibration is higher than physical consciousness energy vibration. So, in other words we can say that the direction of our spiritual growth is growing towards higher consciousness.  Only when we are conscious as our true self or spirit then we can understand who we really are and understand our true relationship with our Beloved Creator, True Source, which is a very important step in attaining Yoga.  Thus, attaining higher consciousness is an important part of our spiritual growth.

For many serious spiritual seekers attaining higher consciousness properly is not an easy process. Many have searched and spent much time and effort without any good results. Actually, attaining higher consciousness properly is not a difficult process when you are guided by someone who really knows the proper way. The key for that is the opening of our heart to Divine Love and Light.

Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Studies offers a series of well designed workshops to help your heart to open and receive more flow of Divine Love and Light and your Kundalini to awaken safely and instantly. By combining Divine Love and Light energy with Kundalini energy synergetically, the thorough cleansing of your energy body layers will happen at a speed your never imagined possible before. The cleaner your energy body system is, the higher your energy body vibration will be, thus enabling you to attain a higher level of consciousness easier. In Padmacahaya, we rely on the natural method of surrendering from our heart to True Source, to let the greatest power of Divine Love and Light from our Beloved Creator, the creator of our soul and spirit, to help us properly in attaining our higher consciousness. We believe there is no better help than the help from The Love of our Beloved Creator, True Source, who loves us completely every moment.