What is Open Heart Meditation™

There are many types of meditation techniques and practices ranging from active ones where the practitioner attempts to control their breath, to focusing the mind, to chanting to visualization. There are also other kinds of meditation that are more passive where the meditator just relaxes and tries to calm or still their mind from thinking. All of these meditation techniques are focused at using the brain to ease brain activity, which can be challenging to master for those with an active mind.

Unlike traditional meditation, Open Heart Meditation™ is a remarkably simple, yet effective, heart-based practice that is centered on “feeling” rather than on brain-oriented visualizations or breathing techniques, making this practice purely experiential

Open Heart Meditation™ has helped many people reduce their stress level a lot and heal on a deep internal level, enabling them to cope better emotionally and allowing the natural healing process to happen much faster.  In addition, this practice is universal and nondenominational and it encourages respect for all religious beliefs.

This is not a serious practice that involves hard work, creative visualizations or any sort of effort whatsoever.  If it is being done properly it should feel light, gentle, peaceful, effortless…and fun!

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