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For region specific questions, please contact the local or regional coordinator by searching under LOCAL EVENTS or the following persons for specific region:

Region Contact Person E-mail Address
 USA  Mike  miketruong2000 at
 Canada & Europe  Rama  reikitummo at
 Asia, Africa & South America  Tetty  tettyj at
 Singapore  Yvonne  yvne at
 Indonesia  Lina  lina at
 New Zealand  Tonij  reiki2mo at
 Australia  Vincent  vkert at


For general question, please email us at padmacahaya at

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If you are a Padmacahaya workshop alumnus and would like to share your wonderful experiences after doing the workshop and practice regularly, please feel free to email padmacahaya at  or join our Facebook Group. With your permission, your sharing will be included in our testimonials page to help other hearts to open more to True Source's Love and Light.