Reiki TUMMO™ Distant Learning

Why Distant Learning?

The best way to learn Reiki TUMMO™ is by attending a workshop in person, because there are so many techniques that require you to use your heart and feeling properly that can be better achieved through direct guidance in the workshop. Click here to view the Upcoming Workshops.  However, there are some circumstances when someone can not attend the workshop. For example, if the workshop is not available in his/her city or country or too far from his/her town. Also some people can not attend the workshop due to mobility limitations or serious illness. For those reasons, to help other hearts to open through Reiki TUMMO™ techniques, we’ve designed this distant learning system.

Normally a Reiki TUMMO™ workshop is a one-day seminar. It involves theory, attunement, practices and discussions. This combination gives a student a solid understanding of the subjects covered in a given Reiki TUMMO™ workshop. Even though an attunement is the most important process in the Reiki TUMMO™ workshop, the attunement alone is insufficient for a student to become proficient in the practice and use of Reiki TUMMO™ energy. That is why, in addition to the attunement, the Reiki TUMMO™ Distant Learning system includes emails or Skype discussions or online guidance to help with the student's understanding.

Through Reiki TUMMO™ Distant Learning system, a student can choose the attunement time or schedule flexibly from the comfort of his/her own home. As Divine Reiki energy is not limited by time, space and quantity, the attunement result itself is guaranteed to be the same as direct in-person attunement in the workshop. The discussion can be substituted by email or Skype discussions. However, the student needs to have their own regular practices following the attunement. Like any other distant learning systems, the student is required to be more active in studying and practicing the given materials. All main exercises are available in MP3 files ready for download once you sign up for the distant learning.

After joining this distant learning system, the student will be given a certificate for each level of attunement, as you would after attending a workshop. The certificate indicates that the student is a Padmacahaya  alumnus and entitled to join the same level of Reiki TUMMO™ workshop conducted by Padmacahaya's agents in any country where available, at a low cost known as a repeat fee (usually around US$25), as many time as he/she wants. By re-joining the same level of Reiki TUMMO™ workshop, the student will receive the re-attunement for further cleansing of chakras and energy channels while deepening Reiki TUMMO™ knowledge and exercises. During the workshop, some new materials or techniques are regularly distributed for our students to improve their knowledge and practices even further.

Attunement Only is Not Enough

Even though Reiki TUMMO™ attunements (Level 1 and Level 2) give you wonderful results in opening your energy channels and chakras so you can channel Reiki TUMMO™ energy properly for many purposes and your Kundalini can be awakened safely and instantly, the daily and routine exercises are still necessary for the proper and faster cleansing process to happen on your energy bodies. In case you have experienced Kundalini syndrome before the attunement, the Reiki TUMMO™ attunement process can cleanse blockages instantly to remove the main cause of Kundalini syndrome. However, the best results will happen if you do routine daily exercises. So, for the best results, attunement only is not enough, you must do the exercises properly regularly.

Distant Learning Package and Fee

As in traditional Usui Reiki system, Reiki TUMMO™ only has 3 levels. However, in the Reiki TUMMO™ distant learning system, only Level 1 and Level 2 are available. Level 3 needs to be taken through an in-person workshop to maintain quality of understanding and practices. The Reiki TUMMO™ distant learning system package includes:

  • manual (in PDF format)
  • exercises files (MP3 audio and AVI video files)
  • distant attunement at your proposed schedule
  • discussion via e-mail, facebook group or Skype
  • certificate (will be sent to your postal address)

You do need to have good internet connection to download all the files (pdf for manual, MP3 for audio and AVI for video) to help your practice following the attunement and also a Skype account to do online guidance or exercises as part of the distant learning package.

The cost for each package is as follows:

Distant Learning Package   Fees
1. Reiki TUMMO - Level 1
USD 110.00
2. Reiki TUMMO - Level 2
(Must already take Reiki TUMMO™ Level 1)
USD 210.00
Notes: Before making any payment via Paypal, please contact the email below to find out about approval for your distant learning system, because the distant learning system is only available for the cities/areas where there is no Padmacahaya workshops yet and subject to approval.


Email Contacts for Reiki TUMMO™ Distant Learning System:

  1. For USA, Canada, New Zealand and Europe, please email: reikitummo at
  2. For other countries, please email: tettyj at


  • Prior to making any payment through PayPal, please contact us through one of the above 2 emails and wait for the approval to join the distant learning system.
  • Everyone must start from Reiki TUMMO™ Level 1 attunement, regardless of your previous Reiki training or attunement levels. There is no exception. This is to guarantee proper opening of chakras and energy channels.
  • Please DO NOT send PayPal payment to any other email address mentioned in this web site. Send PayPal Payment by clicking the provided link (PayPal Sign) above.


Distant Learning General Procedures

Please follow the steps below for joining Reiki TUMMO™ Distant Learning System.

  1. Email one of the above contact email addresses according to your location, mentioning your interest to learn Reiki TUMMO™ through distant learning and your country and city location. You may be suggested to attend a local workshop if available as the best way to learn Reiki TUMMO™ is by attending the workshop in person. In case you can not attend the workshop then you need an approval to join the distant learning system.
  2. Upon receiving an approval, you can proceed to pay the cost of the package you choose via Paypal link above. You can choose to have Reiki TUMMO™ Level 1 only or both Reiki TUMMO™ Level 1 and 2. Please do not send the payment before receiving an approval to join Distant Learning System.
  3. Download this Data Form file and fill it completely.  This form is important for your alumni data and certificate shipping and also your proposed attunement date (date and time in your local time). If you decided to take both Level 1 and Level 2 attunement, please provide different day for the attunement schedule. Please propose at least 1 hour quality time for each level of attunement as you will need to receive 15 minutes of attunement and 45 minutes to do Self Healing exercise directly following every level of attunement. This will be explained in downloaded files of the manual and MP3 audio files that will guide you through this important exercise following every attunement.
  4. Email back the payment receipt from Paypal along with the completed Data Form to your contact from Step 1. Please give some time for us to verify your PayPal payment to the PayPal account owner. We may need 1 to 2 days to verify. For this reason, please do not propose the attunement schedule that is too close to the time of your payment.
  5. Upon successful PayPal payment verification, you will receive download links (URL addresses and password) to download all necessary files (PDF manual files, MP3 audio and AVI video files for you to practice at home). Please download all the files and study the preparation instruction and manual files. All files are in ZIP format, so you do need to have several programs to open the files. You need to have: unzip or winrar or 7zip program to open the ZIP files. You need to have Acrobat Reader to read PDF file and media player program such as VLAN, Windows Media Player and many other free programs to open MP3 and AVI files. You do need to have good internet access (preferably broadband internet) to download the files as some files are big in size (maximum size is currently 36 MB).
  6. Get ready to receive the distant attunement at your proposed schedule and do self healing exercise right away afterwards. Please study the distant attunement preparation file after you download it. As Reiki TUMMO™ is about using Divine Reiki Energy and Kundalini energy to help with your heart opening, to help you with better understanding of Reiki TUMMO™ subject, prior and after attunement you may also want to buy and study some of Master Irmansyah Effendi's book as mentioned below.
  7. For the best results for your health and spiritual growth, please enjoy doing your daily exercise properly after the attunement.

Master Irmansyah Effendi books available on

Important Notes on attunement schedule and sensations:

Please propose the best time that works for you. Do not worry about time differences. Reiki TUMMO™ energy is part of Divine energy that is not limited by time, space and quantity. Regardless of what you sense during the attunement, Reiki TUMMO™ distant attunement always works 100% as the main doer is Divine energy itself. The Reiki Master is only the instrument of Divine energy in performing the attunement processes. Please always relax, smile and surrender (letting the energy flow and do the work) and following your happy joyful feeling all the time.

In every attunement and exercises you do with Reiki TUMMO™, do not expect to sense or feel anything as this will make your mind more active. The more you relax, the sweeter and freer you smile and the happier and more joyful your feeling is, the more and the better you will receive the Reiki TUMMO™ energy and the attunement. So, please practice relaxing, smiling and following the happy and joyful feeling before the attunement and exercises. Just intend to let your Heart open more and more to Divine Love and Light.  

The Reiki TUMMO™ energy is very subtle yet strong when you use your heart or feeling better. Due to different  sensitivity levels to subtle Divine energy, sometimes you may not feel anything during the attunement, but after you practice regularly and properly, you will start sensing the energy and your heart feeling will grow stronger, your heart feeling will be lighter and lighter. So, again, please do not worry about sensation during the attunement. It is always the best if you can relax, smile and be joyful.

You will feel stronger energy flow when you practice with a more relaxed and sweet happy smile in your face and happy joyful feeling in your heart.